Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Lazy Yeam Grows Horizontally

26th Dec 2006 (Tues)

Greeting, readers! Hope your Christmas has been a wonderful one.

All these while, when it comes to exercising, I’ve always been lazy. The vow of 20 pushups a day can only last a few days. I don’t have the determination to frequent the gym like Yee Hong or go jogging like Ling Weng. Only badminton interests me. Oh, I hate warm up sessions. Important they are but I always hope to get into the game asap. =p

As I still looked ok in front of the mirror, I wasn’t that worried of my physical appearance (although I admit that I am far from being muscular). Moreover, I always think that I have a high metabolism rate as I eat a lot and yet, don’t grow proportionately as the amount of food I consume (thank God!). It was only two days ago when a shopping session finally made me realized that my laziness has caused my waist to increase and stomach to expand. =(

I was in The Store, Taiping with my parents when I saw this Black Blue Toms jean which met my requirements - black, has many pockets, looks funky. I’ve never had this type of jean before so I plan to give it a try. It kind of resembles one of Yee Hong’s jeans minus the ‘misai’. My mum hates the ‘misai’. (Misai is the rectangle cloth attached to the pockets)

I tried a 30-inch one but it was tight. Gosh, then the sales boy let me try a 32-inch jean. It was a little bit loose but I took it as I can always wear a belt. I still remember 30-inch pants were loose for me when I shopped last time. But I have to admit that I haven’t bought pants or jeans for a long time. For someone who is short but has a big waist (like me), the trouble with buying a pants is that it fits only your waist. The lengths is always longer than my legs, covering my feet, and sweeping the floor while the upper thigh part of this jean is too loose. My mum said my backside is not very big. That’s why the upper thigh appears to be loose. Well, I guess I’ve got used to the consequences of wearing pants which are meant for taller guys.

The small-sized fitting room didn’t help. The mirror was too near to me which resulted to me looking super distorted; my legs looked shorter than they actually are. For one moment, I thought that there was really something wrong with my body. Thank God I looked normal when I stood in front of my mum’s body-length mirror later that they. Nevertheless, I still like my new jeans.

Haha..i grumbled a lot in this post. Let me end it with some modified version of some Christmas songs. Enjoy! Thanks for reading!

(From Sis and Yee Hong)

Jingle pau, Jingle pau,

Jingle char siew pau,

Lin young pau, Tau sap au,

Siew mai, Loh mai kai.

(From Jia Huei)

Jingle bell, Batman smells,

Robin laid an egg,

Batmobile lost its wheel,

And penguin ran away.

(From Jia Huei)

Joy to the world,

My fish is dead,

I barbeque its head,

And what about the body,

I flushed it down the potty,

And round and round it went,

And round and round it went,

And round and round and round and round it went.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Hiccup After A Joy

20th Dec 2006 (Wed)

98.7 – a downward sequence of three numbers. This is a result that satisfies me. It made my mum happy and she hugged me so tightly that I couldn’t remember when the last time she did that was. Dad was in a meeting so I couldn’t call him. I just sent him an sms which I am sure, still made him happy. He then forwarded the news to my sis. My mum just taught my dad how to forward an sms and he has been applying that skill many times since then =) I am super happy that I made my family proud.

I thank God for His blessings.

I thank my family for their love and care.

I thank my lecturers for their guidance.

I thank my friends for being there for me.

Now, the problem begins when we start comparing scores. I see so many 999999999999999999999999999 in other people’s results; Too many to the extent that my eyes starting to get a bit ngan fa (blur blur). Haha.. Congrats to those who passed with flying colours and not forgetting those who didn’t score all the 9999999999999999999999999999 but still met their university requirements. For those who didn’t make it, locals universities are not that bad after all. Moreover, everything happens for a reason.

I am currently still unsure of which university I am going to. Initially, Macquarie was my first choice but Bank Negara wants me to enrol into ANU because of its more favourable ranking. Today, I met up with Wei Liang and Choon Wei. For those who don’t know who they are, they are from AUSMAT 16, currently taking Economics in ANU and Medic in Auckland respectively. They came down to Taiping today for a one-day trip and kindly asked me out. Wei Liang told me many advantages of ANU and persuaded me to go there, which soon made me realised that choosing ANU is not that bad after all.

Hence, I feel alright even though I’m being sent to ANU. Another plus point, Sze Huey is going there as well!!! Now, the problem is my cousin’s TER didn’t meet ANU’s requirement. Interested in ANU he is but he missed the TER by 0.07. I wonder if we can appeal. This is so unfortunate =(

I’ve decided. I’m going to email ANU and asked about this. If everything goes my way, Sze Huey, my cousin and I will be heading to ANU. Gambateh!!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

It Has Been a Week

18th Dec 2006 (Mon)

Today marked a one week anniversary since the day I faced the rejection. Coincidently, I passed the same traffic light again today, the traffic light at which I took my cell phone and confessed. (I only passed it once in the blue moon as it is rather far from my home)

I woke up today feeling moody and not wanting to talk much. Until today, I still feel more connected to sad songs. Happy songs don’t appeal to me that much currently. I am no longer crying. I am no longer mourning. But to say that I’m 100% ok and no longer thinking of her, that will be an obvious lie. Whether I want it or not, many things around me still direct me back to her. Cats, songs, pictures, some artists…

One week is certainly too short for me to let everything go. I shared my experience with Kelvin yesterday and I again realised how mild my situation is compared to other serious cases. My scar is considered small. Hence, Yeam Shin Yau shouldn’t take that long. Da yi ting hui yong kan de =)

I shall stop feeling sorry for myself and do something else to occupy my time. Thank you for reading =)

Driving License and SSABSA results

18th Dec 2006 (Mon)

My dad brought me to JPJ (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan) to renew my driving licence, which explains why I passed the fateful traffic light (please refer to the next entry). My licence expired without me realising more than a month ago on 30th Oct and yet, I was happily driving to Penang last week. Thank God I showed Kelvin (used-to-be-very-close Taiping friend) my driving license yesterday and he pinpointed that it has expired long ago.

I would that JPJ’s efficiency was not bad. The rate at which the people were served was quite fast. My dad and I didn’t have to wait for that long even though there were about 20 people before us when we took the number. As for the friendliness, so so lo. To my horror, they refuse to accept my passport picture as I was wearing a uniform. The clerk kindly asked me to go to any photo studio and get a new passport picture as it wouldn't take long.

(Lesson to learn: Do not wear a uniform while taking your passport picture for official purposes)

Surprisingly, I wasn’t scolded by my dad. He just nagged a bit and patiently took me to a Kodak Photo Studio where he forked out RM 15 for me to take a passport picture. So nice of him =) Thank you, dad. He even helped me comb my hair. “Eh, eh, your hair drop d. Put more water. Put more water. And your tie, make sure it covers the white buttons and the word ‘INTEC’ ya.” I was wearing the orange INTEC shirt. So I buttoned it up and tried my best to hide those two things. That fact that the tie was super .skinny didn’t help. Anyway, I was satisfied with the outcome although I didn’t show my sparking braces. Dad always discourages me from doing so. “Mou show lei keh nga ha.” (Don’t show your teeth, ya.)

The picture which was rejected. Mon is starting to turn out to be the day of rejection.

As you can see, the tie is a bit senget and the INTEC shirt is a bit crumpled. Still, I'm ok with this picture. At least I managed to hide the white buttons and the word 'INTEC' =)

Upon getting the new pictures, we headed back to JPJ and quickly get my license renewed for 5 years to avoid the hassle of going back there again. Payment: RM 150. Daddy paid =p

Oh, as for the SSABSA results, I checked mine and it hasn’t been released yet. No specific date mentioned. They just stated that,

“Student results are currently being processed by SSABSA. In the meantime enrolment and existing result information is unavailable. Results will appear here as soon as they are released. For more information see the SSABSA Home Page.

Remember, you will need your registration number and pin number as well. Pin number is a 4 digit number which is the combination of your birth date. For example, if Sze Ching’s birthday is 21st Dec, then his pin number will be 2112; as simple as that. This 4-digit number sort of act as your password the first time you log in. After that, they will immediately ask you to change your pin number to another 4-digit number so that other people won’t get to check your results even if they have your registration number.

(Website to check SACE results-

Many AUSMATians (including me) have begun sweating as the moment of truth is getting nearer and nearer. My suggestion: erm, pray hard =)

Alright then, hope the info above will be able to help you all. Thanks for reading!

P/s: I have no intention of spoiling your long holiday =p

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Weird Dream

17th Dec 2006 (Sun)

First of all, it was Nat’s birthday today. Hence, Happy Birthday to you, Nat.

I’ve had many strange dreams prior to this but this is the first time I am including it in my blog.

In this particular one, I met my far related cousin, Lydia who is also 19 and of the same kindergarten as I was. She looked sad and didn’t say a word. Just stared at me, that was what she did. The unknown place was crowded but she was still clearly within my sight. It was like a camera focusing on her. The rest of the people around her were blur. The next thing I remember was me riding a motorbike, with her sitting behind me. We were heading for a buffet.

Suddenly, it began to pour. I didn’t want her to get drenched. Coincidently, I passed by Amir Moslim’s house. His blue Kia Sportage was parked in front of it. What I did next was shocking. Sometimes, the ‘you’ the your dream tends to do things that you won’t do in your real life. Hm..something to ponder about.

Alright, back to my dream. The car key was left in the car. So I asked Lydia to get into the car and I drove off the Sportage. Wait, isn’t that a daylight theft? =p (Giggle) On the way, I felt a bit guilty for doing so. I kept thinking that Amir must be so worried that his beloved car was gone. After dropping Lydia at the restaurant, I headed back to Amir’s house to return the car. The rain wasn’t that heavy anymore. I suddenly realised that Amir even left his cell phone in the car which later rang. I did not pick up as I was driving. But it was mainly because I was afraid to be scolded by an angry Amir. =p

Soon after that, I reached Amir’s house. The rain had stopped. To my surprise, instead of scolding me, he greeted me with a smile. He must be so happy to get his car back that he forgot to scold me. Hehe, but what happened after that slipped my mind. So this has to be the ending. Wonder what is this dream trying to imply?

I am glad however, that I can at least remember this portion of my dream as I tend to forget my dreams as soon as I wake up every morning. When I was small, my dad always asked me, “Yau fat mong, mou?” (Did you dream?) At least I will take the trouble to think and try to remember what I dreamt of the night before. But now that he rarely does that, I don’t take the trouble to remember any of my dreams, unless, it is super significant.

Haha..alright, that’s all for this post. Catch you all next time. Thanks for dropping by. =)

p/s: Those who are in ‘The Family’ ( I seriously think we should give this family a name) like Sze Ching, Yee Hong, Nat, Nooi Hoay, and etc., pay Chean Yeaw’s blog a visit. He clearly elaborated how the family came into existence. The poor boy accidently or more appropriately, blurr-ly deleted his previous blog but quickly established another one. His address is still the same –

Friday, December 15, 2006

Can't Speak Up

15th Dec 2006 (Fri)

Dear Readers,

Something seems to be wrong. For the pass few days, I can't comment in any of my friends' blogspot blogs regardless of whether I'm commenting as a blogger, other, or anonymous. Until now, I still can't figure out the reason.

Hence, to blogspot bloggers like my sis, Khirul, Sze Ching, Yee Hong, Nooi Hoay, Sze Huey, Amanda Chan, Chean Yeaw, Ling Weng, Jing Guo, and etc, I still read your blogs. It's just that I can't comment. Sorry about that.

Thank God I can at least comment in my own blog. Phew...

Back From Penang

11-14th Dec 2006

I expected this trip to be more productive than it was. But it’s ok. Many of us (hehe, including me) got tired pretty easily so even it was super productive, many wouldn’t be able to take it. This trip did give me a chance to play with my nephews and nieces. Playing with them makes me happy somehow even though I just faced the rejection. It was

Being splashed by my nieces at the swimming pool =p

And to my mum, sis, and cousin who did their best to cheer me up, thank you so much. I’ll be ok.

With my uncle's Naza Ria. One of its tire punctured on our 2nd day because of a tiny flat metal. He paid RM6 to get it fixed.

The worker trying to find the exact location of the puncture. He then pulled out the tiny square metal and stuffed a fairly large piece of rubber into the tire to cover the hole. This cost my uncle RM 6. Quite cheap to get a punctured tire fixed I would say.

Among the places that we’ve visited were:

Mount Erskine – The place looked better the last time we visited it. Now, it seemed kind of rundown cause of poor maintenance I assumed. Oh ya, beware of dogs if you want to pay this place a visit.

Clockwise from top left: Xan xan, Khey Khey, Lay See (cousin's wife/mother to the kids), Hsing Ling, Yee Yee, Ah Choong, Kar Ting/Junior, Ken Jin, Ken Yang

With my family

One of the cool thing about Mount Erskine is this small and shallow well. Everyone's free to drink its water. It is super refreshing. It's self-service though.

Queensbay Mall – It is the newest mall in Penang. It was opened about 2 or 3 weeks ago according to my sister. Haha, wonder whether Penangites like Maha, Victor, Azhar, Terence, Chao Tung, Wen Ter, and Audrey Quah have visited this place. Like a typical new mall, the floor was shining, the building was big, and many shops weren’t opened yet at that time. In fact, the space was too large to the extent that my dad said, “What a waste of space!” The bad thing about this mall is the fact that it doesn’t have a cinema and bowling alley. =( So, what shoppers can do here is merely shopping. And guess who I met in Queensbay Mall. It was (Teng) Jing Kai. Haha, what a coincidence. He was there with his family and we bumped into each other while entering Jusco =)

Bukit Jambul – Like Mount Erskine, this place is also more rundown than the last time I visited it. There was a significant decrease in the number of customers. I put the blame on Queensbay Mall =p Haha..besides that, many shops were closed and I couldn’t find any shops selling pirated dvds. Gosh, what a surprise! Looks like I’ll have to buy ‘The Prestige’ back in Taiping. However, the plus point about Bukit Jambul is that it has a bowling alley and cinema. Well, neither GSC nor TGV. It is Cathay Cineplex. Well, better than nothing right. With this plus point, Bukit Jambul was still kind of empty. Hm.. strange isn’t it? Could it be that Penangites are bored of Bukit Jambul or they just don’t have the interest to bowl and watch movie anymore?

Me bowling in BJ (Bukit Jambul) Bowl. Scored my personal best: 135

Clockwise from top left: Me, mum, Joyce(cousin), Ken Yang(cousin), sis, first aunt (also my nanny)

Gurney Plaza – Now, this is the best shopping place I’ve visited during this Penang trip. Might not be the newest but this plaza has a cinema and many shops which appealed to me. The Popular in Gurney Plaza is super big, the biggest I’ve seen so far. I met 4 of my secondary school juniors there. Haha, what a pleasant surprise =) Coincidently, Kenji Wu (a Chinese singer) was scheduled to promote his latest album there at 8pm. Sadly, many of us were already tired by 6 something. Hence, we’ve decided to head back to Leisure Cove. Moreover, only my sis and I seemed to be interested in that singer…So near, yet so far..

We didn’t get to stroll along Gurney Drive as it was raining. There were also many places which we didn’t get to visit like Toy Museum, Botanic Garden, Perangin Mall (I love shopping btw) etc. Well, perhaps some other time =)

Oh ya, there was a funny incident which occurred on our way back from Queensbay Mall. There was a black Proton Wira (no offence to all the Proton Wira users) which mati enjin-ed at the middle. Coincidently, my uncle’s, cousin’s, and parents’ car were in the middle lane, tailing the black car. Hence, we tried to reverse, given the limited space we had behind each of the cars and wanted to switch to the right lane. As expected, horns could be heard from behind as motorists wondered what the hell happened. Surprisingly, as we were trying and trying to get out of the middle lane, the black car managed to be started again and moved ahead as soon as possible. Hence, the traffic flowed smoothly again. Not wanting to take any risk, we overtook the car and drove ahead in case the Proton Wira suddenly pengsan again. Somehow, after five minutes (or less), the similar thing happened on the middle lane. Again, it was the same car. All of us wondered when and how did the driver overtake us, given such busy traffic and short period of time. Soon, the driver managed to revive the car and moved forward. Uh, what a coincidence! Haha, my uncle noted the number plate of the car and bought 4 D with it. Unfortunately, it didn’t strike. Oh, well…

I was lucky enough during this trip to have detected a wireless connection in one of the hotel rooms. The connection was good; 11mbps which is equivalent to the GE Wireless. But at least, they really meant 11mbps and surfing the net was smooth throughout my stay, unlike the miserable wireless in Cemara Akasia which its 11mbps was of no meaning at all. This automatically explains how I was able to post an entry and reply comments during this Penang trip.

With that, I end my entry. Hope this is considered a happier post for you, Sze Huey =p

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

So Much for My Happy Ending

11th Dec 2006 (Mon)

I confessed today. It seemed like an awkward time but the tone of the sms conversation at that time seemed right. I was driving and stopped in front of a traffic light. I grabbed my cell phone and typed it out. I suddenly felt happy and satisfied that I finally had the courage to do so. Not such a coward anyway, am I? =p

She was shocked and didn’t know what to say. I was still happy cause she neither reject nor accept. But then, a devastating sms followed. She said she lets just be friends and she didn’t have feelings for me. She kindly rejected me and seemed to be apologetic but I don’t blame her. We could still be friends.

I was ok, well at least I thought I was. It was hard for me to cry. Even the most touching movie couldn’t make my tears roll down. But this…this rejection could. Tears started collecting in my eyes and I feel like crying. I tried my best to stop it as I didn’t want to cry in the car with my parents and my sister busy looking for directions to the hotel. I seriously felt like hugging my sister and crying it out loud but I didn’t. It would be inappropriate. Hence, I cried softly and alone in the car.

‘So sad. So sad. It was a sad sad situation.’

All the things that I’ve done seemed to fall down the drain. Nothing seemed to interest me at that moment. Not a very good start for a vacation, wasn’t it? Coincidently, our room number was 404. After having lunch, I laid down on the bed while the rest were happily watching ‘Wedding’…and began crying again..alone..It was painful.

(Moment of silence)

I’ve gone through many emotions during this period of time. This was my first time falling in love seriously. This was my first time confessing. This was my first time facing rejection. I would certainly need time to get over it. Gosh, it’s gonna be difficult. I’ve piled up so much hope. But… how wrong I was.

Call me stupid. Call me insane. But I’ve confessed and got rejected. There is no turning back. I’m going to stand up again.

To all who gave their comments, advice, and support, I couldn’t thank you all enough. You all made it a memorable experience for me. You all are the more reason I should be happy. No doubt, it didn’t have a positive turnout but I’ve experienced something new: that kind of happiness, that kind of excitement, that kind of sadness...

Thank you all. Thank you.

The pain will remain for God knows how long but I believe it will soon go away someday.

(Guess happy ending doesn't belong to me this this not the ending?)

Monday, December 11, 2006

Off to Penang

11th Dec 2006 (Mon)

In a few minutes time, I'll be leaving to Penang for a family vacation. My uncle's going, my aunts are going, my cousins are going, my nephews and nieces are also going. Wow, it's going to be a blast =p (ok i kinda exaggerated) This is going to be my fourth time staying in Leisure Cove. Kinda bored going there but what to do. It seems easy to get a free room there. Still remember the last time I went there was with Yee Hong they all. Fun..

Alright, going off soon. Hence, i'll be absent for about 4 days 3 nights. See u all, readers. Thanks for reading. =)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

When Yeam Shin Yau Falls Accidentally In Love


8th Dec 2006 (Fri)

He acts normal in front of most of his family and friends so that he doesn’t seem like those typical guys who wants to show to the rest of the world that they are falling in love.

He tries not to annoy others and at the same time, pursue her.

He feels happy seeing her laughing.

He tries to listen to the songs that she likes (without her knowledge) even though he might not be familiar with the songs.

He tries his best to put aside the fact that she had a relationship prior to this and some guys are also pursuing her. He takes it as a challenge.

He wants to talk to her but sometimes just can’t figure out a topic.

He wants to be with her, walk alongside with her during each outing but he is just not aggressive. When he sees other guys walking beside her, he will choose to walk behind them because he doesn’t want to force his way and be dubbed as ‘busy body’.

He sms-es her everyday hoping to get near her, hoping to spark something.

He ponders before sending her an sms, afraid of upsetting her in any way.

He frequently looks at his cell phone, hoping that there’ll be an sms from her.

Each time his cell phone omits an sms tone, he hopes that it is her (which is seriously seriously rare =( )

He wonders why he is always the one who initiates most of the sms-es (which indicates a one-sided situation).

He will be troubled and wonders if he had typed anything wrong (which upsets her) if she didn’t reply him within a few minutes after he sms-es.

He wants to call but afraid that she might freak out.

He is easily hurt, in order words, vulnerable.

He relates his experience to people whom he can trust and appreciates every piece of advice cause he knows he is a freshman.

He laughs by himself and seems like a crazy guy while recalling those happy moments he had with her, even those which might be insignificant to her, cause to him, a simple thing such as wishing him good luck during esl is memorable.

Everything seems to remind him of her, even the small small things.

He can’t get her out of his mind and wonders how long the feeling will last.

He wonders whether he should be glad that exam is over. He doubts that he will be able to concentrate on his studies if it were to be the exam season but the fact that he is currently not really occupied with anything causes him to think of her so much (not the he doesn’t want to but not to this extent).

He feels like a coward and dare not express himself because he is unsure if she is feeling the same way.

He tries to be as optimistic as possible. He feels that the gal (by now) should know that he is pursuing her but the fact that she is not avoiding implies that she’s giving him a chance. He’s taking it!

He needs encouragement in order to continue pursuing her.

He prays to God so that his effort will bear fruit.

He is suddenly confident that he can stay true and loyal to her even after mixing with many other gals out there.

He knows he will sound stupid, penning about this in his blog.

He knows things like this sound cliché and many have read about something like this somewhere else.

(And yet) He still pens this because this time, it is him who experiences it.

All these words come straight from his heart.

He’ll appreciate these moments (whether or not it has a positive turnout) because he has officially…… fallen……. In……… love.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Trip That Touches

In the Airport before departing back to Selangor

With Quanyie, Sze Huey, and Yi Chin in the Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

Yee Hong, Me, Nat, and Sze Ching showing our 'body' at Damai Beach. Haha. Love this pic.

Aaron, Nat, Yoke Heng, Amanda, Me, and Sze Ching in Friendship Park

In Friendship Park again, in front of Laksamana Cheng Ho's statue

In Front of our respective states

I like this picture

The boys in Merlin's house during the BBQ

Sze Ching sleeping in Amanda's Aunt's Guest House

At Amanda's Church (St. Faith)

With Amanda's family

A gal playing with Sze Ching in the church (cute)

One of the cat statue in Kuching

At one of the park beside Kuching Museum (Like this one)

Haha..standing in the empty pool

Haha..all showing no. 4 (just for fun)

Another group pic

In front of the museum

In front of the crocodile farm

Christine trying out a cowboy hat (this pic was taken illegally =p cause we were not allowed to snap any picture in the shop)

Nat saving me from the crocodile (ouch)

Group Pic

Sze Ching trying the tool used to process grain into soya (my bottle's there =p)

Me trying the sumpit in the Cultural Village

Haha..assasinator: Me, victim: Sarah

Jia Huei and I. This thing is used to separate the grain from its husk

Terence and I. forgot what this tool is used for

Cultural Performance. Enjoyed it!

Kashin and I at the Damai Beach

The boys at the beach

Me with Chau Wang. Haha. the leg belongs to Wen Jun

Green Road's Toilet..look how clean it is

Merlin's car sticker..(cute)

In front of Boon, Merlin, Josephine,Kashin's school

Brother feeding sister =)

At Hornbill Corner, having steamboat

In Boon's house

Front part of Boon's house. His Mercedes is obvious isn't it?

Forgotten what this is. Think it was a statue of a crocodile at Waterfront.

Nat was trying to fire me!! (In Fort Magarita)

In a boat, crossing over fron Waterfront to Fort Magarita

At a mini stadium in Waterfront

At Waterfront

Sze Ching forming frenship with Amanda's dog =p

Sze Ching at the imigration counter..hehe..candid

The Plane

Sze Ching and I in LCCT

Nat's first time flying. He was so excited!

28th-4th Dec 2006

A city which strikes a balance between development and nature, this is Kuching. A trip to this capital of Sarawak was something I’ve been looking forward to ever since it has been planned. Little did I know that this trip will be as meaningful towards the end as all I expected was to have fun all the way. But I got more than fun and I thank God for that.

We tasted, saw, and experienced so many things. Kole Mee, Tomato Koay Teow, Char Koey, White Lady were some of Sarawak’s trademarks while Waterfront, Carpenter Street, Cultural Village, Damai Lagoon, Semenggoh Wildlife Centre, Friendship Garden etc. were some of the places that we have been to. Many pictures have been taken and many wonderful moments were shared. On the last night of our stay, the most touching thing happened in Merlin’s house after the bbq. I was dumbfounded when I realised how sad many of them were, wondering why they behaved like that. Then, it stroke me that this might be the last time we would be meeting each other this year and since I am not a jpa scholar, the probability of me meeting them again was even lower. That moment almost made me cry but I didn’t. I never knew that going home from Merlin’s house could be that difficult. Touching last words were said, tears were shed, and hugs were given.

In a moment like this, there was no hatred.
In a moment like this, any mistakes would be forgiven.
In a moment like this, friendship was bonded and appreciated.

It was a different kind of feeling that I’ve never experienced. Memorable, truely memorable!

Most importantly, I must thank the entire hosts for this trip.

1. Amanda Albert – Nat, Sze Ching, Yoke Heng, and I stayed in her house in Kota Samarahan. Top class hospitality (There’s Astro! =p ). Amanda, knowing your dad, mum, and brother (Aaron) has been a great blessing. What a nice family that you have. You must’ve felt weird since you’re the only non-AUSMATian around there but you did a great job mixing with all of us. Most importantly, you are jovial all the time. I’ll surely miss your laughter and cheerfulness. As for Aaron, I never knew that I would click so well with you. Thanks for the clothes that you’ve lend me for Merlin’s bbq. I’ll remember the night chats that we had. Thanks for listening to me and encouraging me all the way. We’ll play badminton in an indoor court someday! =p

2. Roger – The Ketua Kampung, Tuai Rumah, or the Leader of the pack. He was the one who drove the van and planned the activities together with other ‘committee members’. This Prom King did a great job of course. Thank you so much for taking the trouble to borrow a van from your friend, driving us around, and planning our one-week holiday. Also, it has been nice meeting your girlfriend, Jacinta, for the first time.

3. Boon – My official driver. He was also in the ‘committee’.His house was the host for Yee Hong, Terence, and Chao Tung. Haha..Boon, thanks for organizing and driving us around in your white Mercedes. Your driving skill was not bad at all. I apologized for making you wait so long in Merlin’s house before we left. Pity you, you were so sleepy already at that time. Moreover, you were troubled by your toothache. Without you, transportation will definitely be a problem.

4. Merlin – Another important committee member. His house accommodated Sarah, Yi Jia, Yi Chiann, Nooi Hoay, and Quanyie. He was also another transport provider with his Green Myvi. Merlin, thank you for everything and especially for organizing the bbq.

5. Michelle – This committee member’s house was the home for Jia Huei, Christine, Wen Jun, Chau Wang, Doreen, Pei Fei, and Pui Ting. Many wasn’t it? But believe of not, they managed to live harmoniously in that house for one week, with lots of credits went to the fact that her house has 3 toilets. Haha, no need to rebut rebut. Jkjk..She didn’t drive but still one of the main contributor of this trip. So, thank you very much, Michelle.

6. Kashin – A new friend found. His house didn’t accommodate anyone but he drove Chao Tung, Terence, and Yee Hong in his white Proton Saga. He was from the same school as Boon, Merlin, and Josephine – SMK Green Road. Kashin, it has been nice knowing you. What a surprise it was to know that you were also currently studying in Kolej Teknologi Timur and knew my ex-schoolmate, Kelvin Goh and King Peng. Small world, isn’t it? It was really wasted that I couldn’t say goodbye to you face to face as you weren’t there at the airport when we left. But still, a million thanks to you.

7. Daphne – Her house accommodated Hsiu Li and she was responsible for introducing some of her friends to us. Daphne, it has been very nice of you to take the trouble to ask us out for meals. We appreciate it and meeting your friends has been a nice experience as well.

8. Esther Wong – Thanks for meeting up with us in Damai Lagoon. Thanks to you, the gals didn’t have to cramp like the guys (Esther booked another room and some of the gals overnight in her room instead). Oh, ya. Thanks for the homemade tuna as well. It tasted really special. The credits goes to the lemon =p

And to the rest who were directly or indirectly involved in this trip, thank you so much. I hope this trip has been as eye-opening to you all as it has been to me. With that, I end this meaningful entry. Thank you for reading.

p/s: Do visit Kuching if you haven’t done so.