Friday, October 31, 2008

How Familiar

I don't know why but at first glance, this gal really looked like Quanyie on Sydney Morning Herald and Daily Telegraph. But after I saw the picture online, she doesn't look like Quanyie anymore.

I think Sze Huey will go, "You crazy ah? Where got look like her? Cha pieh che moh tuo?"

I think the boy looks like Wang Lee Hom too.

Oh btw, this couple was robbed in their own apartment. In their attempt to escape, they jumped off from the third floor. Unfortunately, the gal didn't survive while her bf suffered serious injuries, hence the frontpage title.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Gosh there's actually such a word as 'opportunely'
It means 'at the right time'.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just...don't consume too much of them...

When exams are approaching but you're still burdened with heaps of assignments, stress piles up even more compared to normal circumstances.

Despite the fact that assignments are meant to assist us in understanding the course, majority of the students want quickly get it over with and move on to their respective exam preparations.

Hence, when you're slapped with such schedule:-

TO DO list

  1. emet2008 ass2 13oct
  2. math3512 ass3 17oct
  3. stat3015 ass2 20oct
  4. stat3011 ass2 27oct
  5. math3512 ass3 29oct
  6. emet2008 ass3 31oct
  7. stat3011 proj 31oct
  8. 14nov stat3015 exam
  9. 18nov emet2008 exam
  10. 19nov math3512 exam

it'll definitely be difficult to start revising since you're way too "indulged" in assignments, not to mention, all the sleepless night you have to go through in order to complete them.

Coffee, instant noodles, chips...they're what students usually resort to given such situations...
To be fair, they taste hassle..and have been good companions to us as students since as long as I can remember...

(Source :
But just bear in mind that too much of everything always Tim, cut down that 'surviving with 4 cups of coffee per day' policy! =p

Go buy some grapes..cut some fruits and munch them

On that note, just wanna introduce Momofuku Ando, the founder-chairman of Nissin Food Products Co, who was widely known as the inventor of instant noodles (picture and info courtesy of The Age)

What a legend, right?

He was inspired to develop the instant noodle after coming upon a long line of people on a cold night shortly after World War II waiting to buy freshly made ramen at a black market food stall, according to Nissin. The experience convinced him that "Peace will come to the world when the people have enough to eat."

I don't personally agree but if it's that simple, I'm happy =)

Monday, October 27, 2008


Tanpa disedari, Bahasa Malaysia saya sudah semakin lama, semakin lapuk.

Dalam Kursus Integrasi yang diadakan baru-baru ini, saya cuba mengajukan soalan dalam BM tanpa menggunakan perkataan daripada Bahasa Inggeris. Namun, saya mengambil masa yang begitu lama untuk membentuk sebaris ayat.....kerana saya memerlukan beberapa saat untuk memikirkan perkataan yang sesuai untuk menyambung ayat yang tengah dibentuk.

Saya sudah biasa mendengar ayat-ayat yang mempunyai pelbagai bahasa tetapi dalam kursus itu, terdapat beberapa ayat pelik yang keluar daripada mulut fasilitator and pelajar....hampir ketawa saya dibuat mereka.

Saya faham...Oleh sebab kita semua sudah lama tidak menulis karangan dan bertutur dalam BM sejak keluar dari Sekolah Menengah, majoriti daripada kita berfikir dalam bahasa ibunda masing-masing ataupun BI. Kadang-kala, walaupun kita cuba berbahasa kebangsaan sepenuhnya, terdapat perkataan-perkataan Inggeris yang amat susah digantikan oleh BM dalam sekelip mata.

Masa saya menonton Heroes Musim Pertama, saya memerhati Noah sengaja berfikir dalam Bahasa Jepun supaya Matt tidak dapat membaca fikirannya.

"Eh, bolehkah kita bertukar bahasa ketika berfikir?"

Sejak itu, baru saya sedar bahawa manusia sememangnya berupaya berbuat demikian.

Kefasihan kita dalam sesuatu bahasa akan menentukan kepantasan kita dalam membuat tafsiran. Ketika berada di dalam tandas tadi, saya cuba berfikir dalam Bahasa Malaysia tetapi asyik tersekat. Tidak produktif langsung. Tiba-tiba, perasaan malu mula menyelubungi jiwa. Bagaimanakah tahap BM seorang bekas pembahas jatuh dengan begitu mendadak? Bayangkan betapa kecewanya Pn Zura, Pn Noorsinah, dll jikalau saya tidak lagi mampu untuk bertutur dalam BM dengan fasih.

Namun, saya masih dapat menepuk dada kerana ada lagi rakan-rakan yang tidak "memulangkan BM kepada guru mereka". Sebagai contoh, dalam blog mereka, Wei Liang dan Jingguo mengarang dalam BM dari semasa ke semasa. Malah, Jingguo menyeru kawan-kawannya supaya cuba menggunakan BM dalam blog mereka sempena Bulan Kemerdekaan 2 bulan yang lalu. Arjun juga mengambil initiatif untuk membentangkan hujah-hujahnya dalam BM walaupun dia menyelitkan beberapa perkataan Inggeris di bahagian yang pelik.

Tidak dapat disangkal bahawa BM tidak begitu penting jikalau dibandingkan dengan Bahasa Mandarin, Arab, Sepanyol, Inggeris, dan Perancis. Kalau diberi peluang untuk belajar bahasa lain, BM tidak tentu berada dalam senarai pelajar tersebut. Namun, BM merupakan Bahasa Kebangsaan Malaysia. Mahu atau tidak, BM akan tetap dipelajari di sekolah selain BI. Justeru, gunakanlah BM dari semasa ke semasa terutamanya ketika menghadiri kursus-kursus MoHE. Campuradukkan bahasa lebih baik daripada melepaskan sesuatu bahasa itu sepenuhnya =)

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Ducks are prospering in ANU... you can see so many cute little ducklings lingering around their parents...taking small but quick little steps =)

Do ducks milks? or are they simply hiding below their mum for warmth?
Notice the poor abandoned child =(

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kursus Perpaduan dan Integrasi

It was that time again when Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia organises a programe which has an unappealing title.

Worse, it was held in a middle of university chunching period when students are running out of time to complete their assignments, let alone studying for their upcoming exams.

Yet, this Kursus was scheduled on Wednesday and Thursday and MoHE expected a good turnout. Hence, it was the same dejavu feeling again... not wanting to attend but felt obliged to.

Dr. Jamaludin, Head of Quality Department in UKM.

En Amer, ex-Special Officer to a few ministers and is currently attached to UPM.

They were the facilitators who initiated discussions regarding the current level of unity in Malaysia and the 97 Asian financial crisis.

The discussions were really productive I have to say...

Although the second topic (Asian financial crisis) was not a really fair topic for the science students, it was eye-opening listening to what students have to say.

Free tea, dinner, supper, enough to keep Chi Yao busy with his food but not enough to stop Xin from posing non-stop.

I'm pretty sure at least a handful of students understand the good intentions of MoHE organising this. They want to hear it directly from us what we think about our country. It was a good effort but bad timing. Hopefully they'll arrange a better time next year (yes, it's gonna be an annual thing) Good job, MASCA, MSO, and MASAC for co-organising this while putting up with the crappy timing.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


When this happens in movies, I don't usually feel a thing since it's such a common scene.

But today, as I was crossing the road, I adjusted some papers in my file without realising that some of my papers slipped out of it. Within two seconds, my lecture notes and tutorial materials were flying vigorously in the air thanks to the unusually strong wind. With the help of some kind passerbys, I recovered some of them but the rest landed on Northbourne Avenue and disappeared almost instantly.

I stood beside the traffic light...frustrated...wanted to vent but didn't wanna look stupid at the side of Canberra's main road. In anger, I crushed some of my notes...blaming my carelessness...cursing the wind (although it's not the wind's fault)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Zip Up

I don't know why but I always forget to zip up..usually I notice it before anyone does but during a meeting with the new MSO Committee just now, it was the other way round..uh embarassing...

I think I need to do is to zip up first next time instead of tightening my belt..

Monday, October 20, 2008


Don't you just hate crying while chopping onions?

How I wish there are ways to stop it..

Meanwhile, I'm gonna stick to this method =p

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Meeting Dr M

Behold the only man on earth who can make Wei Liang stammer!

Dr M!
The one shaking hands with him, that's Wei Liang.
It's not that I'm a super big fan of him but never in my wildest dream I imagine...

..sitting a couple of seats away from Dr M and wife

..taking a picture with it personally

or in a group

But thanks to The Seminar Pembangunan Insan held last week in University of Melbourne, I gained this golden opportunity. I hesitated to extend my stay in Melbourne just to attend this but Wei Liang insisted, "Hey, Yeam..once in a lifetime you know. How often do you get the chance to meet him?"

To all INTEC readers, guess who we met?
It's Madam Laura, our English teacher! Who would've guessed, right?
She's in Uni Mel doing her postgrad starting this year.

Shahir and Atuk were also there

Kak Sha and her mum!

They were there because Kak Sha's brother(in red tie) was the emcee that day.

Marvin and Pei Ryn
This event showcased a good mixture of working adults and students be it amongst the audience or organising committee. As long as you're a Malaysian, you're entitled to come.

The first speaker:
Jack Delosa bought into a marketing company at the age of 18. Within 12 months he was working with two of the Top-Ten Fastest Growing Companies in Australia, as noted by Business Review Weekly (BRW) at the time. Taking the company from $300,000 in debt to being profitable, Jack was recognized by many as a young and talented entrepreneur.
Paper Title
The Winner's Edge

Second speaker:
Danny Samson is a Professor of Management at the University of Melbourne, Associate Dean (development) of the Faculty of Economics and Commerce and also the Director of the Foundation for Sustainable Economic Development. Professor Samson regularly provides industry and executive seminars and has participated in a number of committees and industry bodies.
Paper Title
Business Challenges of The Next Generation Leaders

And the last speaker was of course, Dr M.

Keynote Address
Challenges Facing Youths Today to Make The World of Tomorrow

He surprisingly didn't speak too long..only for half an hour..when the first two speakers spoke for an hour and a half each.

With Amir, Rhun Kiet, and Dr Ali, the representative of Malaysian Students' Department in Victoria.
Thanks a lot to Amir and Rhun Kiet for securing a place for me in the seminar since the waiting list had at least 100+ ppl in it.

Tun Dr Siti Hasmah speaking to some of the students.

Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir was also there =)

For a very detailed entry regarding this event, please refer to Wei Liang's blog. I think every single detail of the event is in there =p

Thursday, October 16, 2008


After spending two weeks in Melbourne, I arrived back in Canberra, greeted by some nice flowers.

What a change 2 weeks can bring! Those purple flowers look like grapes, dont' they?

Of course not all the flowers have blossomed.

But many had

Look how nice the ground is =)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10&11th Dec year to go

Reading Chi Yao's blog makes me wanna graduate =p

I called the ANU Graduation Office today and found out that the tentative graduation dates for Dec 2009 are 10th and 11th Dec.

So mum, dad, sis, u can start scheduling your trip! =D

ps: Graduation is a process I never pay great attention to as I stepped into ANU in 2007. But after being on the verge of failing some miserable stats courses the past two sems, I started taking graduation seriously and actually view it as a form of achievement.

While people keep stressing, "Degree is not everything in Uni", no one can deny the fact that it is one of the most important thing we get out of uni. Afterall, academic achievement is (no matter what) the first thing employers scrutinize before looking at your other qualities/comparing you with other hopeful applicants.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

S'pore Day

This is how long a queue would be when you have a good event FOC. I was in this line for an hour before finally being able to enter.

They made me happy for a while as I was patiently queuing.

There were so many was only normal for a family to leave the event with all these bags.

Phua Chu Kang entertaining the crowd

Look at the impersonator behind =p too bad the kid's mole was on the wrong side

A superb performing team from the felt pretty weird watching a muscular guy dancing in red with a wide smile.

Now that's more like it

Army Exhibition

Free FOOD!

Again long queue..seriously, if you wanna try out all the food, you could possibly be missing all the performances and end up queuing the whole day.

A competition for children.

An origami-like session to make cute little animals using clothes, pin, rubber ban, etc..look at the white rabbit in the middle of the table

My laksa!

Rosie with Aloy's latest gf in the show

Chu Kang arguing with Margaret as usual

First Asian Idol, Hady Mirza

They came out for a while for photo-taking session.

Rosie doing Winnie's pose..haha

Dick Lee performing the patriotic song he wrote, Home.

PCK pretending to throw his yellow boots away

There was this veteran Singaporean Singer who sings Frank Sinatra kind of songs..think my parents should know him.

Overall, a great event..professionally managed =)