Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oprah House Performance

Canberra Choir performed Beethoven's Ode To Joy along with choirs from New Zealand, China, and US.

Rehearsal in St Andrew's Cathedral
Choir coach, Jeffrey from Seattle, giving some advices. Very charismatic. Like Paul Chen.
Mass rehearsal in Angel Place Recital Hall
I present you, Linn Weeda with his 64-piece orchestra from Alaska! Linn has a classic look of a historian.
See what I mean?
And he sweats profusely due to some vigorous conducting movements.
This choir group was an enthusiastic lot. They warmed up by singing/talking to the person next to them.
In fact, the man at the bottom left, even talked to his imaginary friend.
Roughly 24 hours before the performance began, we received a notice to perform a Chinese song, Shi Jie Bo Lan (World Expo) with the Chinese Choir. I think they wanted us to help fill up the stage and also, they wanted to reflect unity.
So we were provided with this han yin pin yin which interestingly has another line of english translation since most english native speakers may not be able to pronounce han yin pin yin that accurately.
"I want you all to go out there with some excitement and do your best. I know you haven't rehearsed this before but I've looked at the chords. The melody's simple. You are performing in the finale of 20th Australian International Music Festival! This is gonna be the night that you'll never forget. I'm actually jealous! And don't be afraid to speak to the Chinese Choir. Be friendly. They know a little bit of English too."
One of them: "How to you say hello in Chinese?"
Me: Ni hao
Students: lol..miao miao...lol
After lots of funny moments and a few short rounds of rehearsal, we were set to go on stage with the Chinese orchestra and choir, following a breathtaking umbrella dance by the Chinese contingent.
It all went well with the song, after which all of us waved this flag with enthusiasm. I then found out that this song was meant to promote the World Expo in Shanghai next year.
It was about half an hour before the Beethoven performance began so we had a short break.
Look at the huge cellos!
I have to say the Oprah House Concert Hall didn't look that superb from the stage. But I'm sure it will be so from the audience's angle.
Half way through the interval, we re-entered the stage and got into position. The mass choir started off performing Gloria (before Beethoven). And since a few of us didn't know that piece, we have to pretend as if we did, by moving our lips and flipping pages.
Linn then introduced the four solo singers for Beethoven's piece and the mass choir gave it their all.
After the performance, we received a huge round of applause.
We shook hands.
It felt great. Months of hard work finally boiled down to this moment and we weren't disappointed. It is indeed a moment of our lives which will not be forgotten.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

SGI schoomates, read this =)

Imagine not seeing a high school senior for at least 5 years. Then all of a sudden, you spot him in a foreign country. He looks a much buffer than before.