Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mystery Behind ANU Balls

Like University of Sydney and possibly many more, ANU has these gigantic balls scattered around the campus. We, ANU students have jumped, posed, kicked, and did many stupid stuffs with them. So as you can see, they're an essential part of our uni lives =)
I've personally wondered why I couldn't push or even move them one tiny bit.

When Sze Ching, Audrey, Weai Jiet, Stef, and Wong paid Canberra a visit last year, they didn't miss out on those balls. Now note the one Wong was standing on.

I realised it was missing 2 days ago and wondered where it went..

Until this happened yesterday. I could finally see it for myself how ANU move the balls.

And I figured out why I couldn't move them.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Just before going to class, I secluded myself from the world for a few seconds. I stood still at the side of union court at 1pm on a sunny day with a little breeze, just looking at people doing what they do and listening to the sound of non-stop chatting. It's relaxing =)

These lockers may have been here for long but I've never noticed them till a couple of days ago. Out of curiosity I asked ANU Union about the rental rates: $30 per 6 months, $50 per year.

A guy wearing an Adidas with a cool short-essay. I was pretty much staring at this throughout the class.

Bruce Hall's never-ending supply of hilarious advertisements!

My favourite tofu & soymilk brand, doing delivery today at Kinloch.

The chopped tree trunk I saw on the way to Calvary Hospital. Can't help but to be reminded of Eugene's photograph.

With friends from Macquarie Uni who came down for a four-day Global Leadership Programme

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Think You're Kiasu? Beat this

My first year coursemate:-

1. types his tutorial answers nicely (in proper paragraphs, not point forms), prints them out and
brings them to tutorial.
"I lazy to write"

2. copies from his printed answers during close-book tutorial tests. His answer sheets are placed
right one the table so it's impossible that my tutor doesn't realise he is cheating. He is probably
just closing one eye.

3. freaks out if his answers were not long enough or if he missed a point.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sky Without Clouds

Ever seen a sky like this?

It always bugs me that Australian sky has no clouds sometimes. It's that dry, eh?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lecturers Combination

I have:-

- a Spanish
- a Korean
- an American
- 2 Australian

lecturer(s). A good mix, don't you think =)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Never Felt This Way Before

Famished this evening, I ate a packed lunch which had fried prawns and chicken on fried rice. Cheap..only $4. I ate too quickly and paid dearly for it. It wasn't long before my stomach felt weird and indigestion kicked in.

The unexpected thing was the allergic reaction about 2 hours later. It started to get itchy all over. I thought a shower might wash of the dirt but it got worse exponentially after showering. I became as red as I am when I get drunk. I felt sudden burning sensation in different parts of the body at different times. My whole body was swollen. My temperature rose. It felt like I was going to burst anytime. I couldn't smile properly.

Now as far as I know, this is not my first time eating prawns but it certainly is my first time getting this sort of hives. Is it really the prawns....I wonder..

Friday, March 06, 2009

In Some People's Eyes, We Are of One Bangsa Afterall

Had a chat with two China Masters (CM) students this evening.

Me: So where are you from?
CM: China. U?
Me: Malaysia.
CM: But you look Chinese...
Me: Well, I am a Chinese. My grandfather's from China.

I felt pretty weird since I've never really tried convincing others that I am Chinese before.
The Chinese couple looked bewildered, probably thinking that I was a Malay initially. Hm..should've asked them why.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Condom Makers Better Off During Bad Times

I attended my first Econometrics Tutorial today.

Coincidentally, Maha and Shalini were sitting beside me. Since the tute ended rather early, we stayed back and browsed through The Star.

Maha was laughing away while reading this article.

"...people were unwilling to forego the pleasure of having sex during recession but were unwilling to shoulder additional commitment such as having children."