Sunday, May 20, 2007

Afiq's Bday

20th May 2007 (Sun)

It was Afiq's bday today. Went over to his unit to have a nice celebration.

Wondering what they are looking at?

It was Arjun and Hardeep dancing =p

The bday boy with all the gals =p

Everyone!!! =D Nice picture

Played mafia after the celebration. Won both rounds. Haha =D

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Random Act of Kindness

19th May 2007 (Sat)

This week was rather interesting and much more relaxing compared to last. Ursula Hall organized a Random Act of Kindness Week. We were all given someone who we should be kind to. Some people went to the extra mile and were not afraid to be creative while some chose not to do anything.

The person who was suppose to be kind to me gave a pleasant surprise on Wednesday. He cooperated with Leonard to sneak into my room and decorated it with balloons and Sudoku. Imagine how shocked I was when I returned from lecture to see my room like this:

There were balloons everywhere and those pasted on the wall were sudokus. was really nice =D Besides that, I received flowers (thanks Wei Min), eggs, chocolates (thanks Hui Ling & Lawrence), ice-cream (thanks Ji Lu) from other friends as well, even though I was not the person they were suppose to be kind to. My first time receiving a flower =)

As for me, I bought these for the person I was suppose to be kind to and did many other stuffs. It was really good to have such event going on once in a while for the residents to know each other better and give each other surprises.

Oh ya, let me take you all through the events which happened last week and weeks before.

Indian Dance pratice led by Maha (most left). Afiq and I were at the back row. It was a lot of fun! =p

Malam Kenduri (12th May 2007)

The lady dancers =)

The drama (Mahsuri) during Malam Kenduri.

The first year performers. We had a great night during Malam Kenduri except for the fact that I lost all my pictures because of a technical error. Lost Sze Huey's pictures (really sorry). Thank God Shern Ren took some pictures and videos too.

International Night (10th May 2007)

Ursula served great Russian and Cuban food that night. And we were suppose to dress according to both the countries. There were two guys who dressed as Maria Sharapova and Anna Kournikova. Disgusting but creative =)

Miss Cuba and Russia =p

I didn't wear anything special though. Just drew a Russian and Cuban flag and pasted them on my black shirt.

Floor Dinner (17th May 2007)

It was one of those rare times when the residents of my floor get to catch up with one another and had a great dinner together with the Head of Hall and Sub Deans.

Like this picture so much. Put my camera on the tv and set the timer. Haha..Sadly, about 40% of my floormates never turn up for their own reasons.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


10th May 2007 (Thus)

There are people who might lose it when they face challenges.
Fortunately, at the same time, there are still people who can smile and continue fighting.

This week has been a hell of a week. Two assignments due on the same day (next Monday). One of it (Math) is tough and I'm struggling. At the same time, Malam Kenduri is drawing near (this Saturday). I've been busy practising an Indian dance and a play to be performed on Saturday night.

The rehearsal for the event just finished a couple of hours ago. Things weren't smooth. Casts were uncoordinated. The director, who is a strong person, almost gave up.But somehow, it made me stronger and I did my best to lift his spirits up again. Not sure if i succeeded but hopefully I did. With only tomorrow left for practice, can we make it?

Em..not sure but if we give up, that's the end. The pieces are already there. We just need to stick them together.
I'm gonna go all out to make sure this play works. We've practised so many hours for this and I don't want those time to go into the drain.

Juggling practices, lectures, tutorials, quizes, assignments, and accommodation hall events this week have been taxing. I'm surprised that my body hasn't gave way and fell sick. I thank God for that. Some of my friends already are. In the midst of all these challenges, I reminisce those times in INTEC when we practise Curry Puff Blues. I admire Choon Wei's script and how he directed the drama. It was a great production, seriously, and I am honoured to be a part of it, especially now, since, I've experienced how tough it is to direct and produce a good one. In fact, my circle of friends in INTEC started from the drama. Sze Ching,  Yee Hong, Christine, Jia Huei, Afiq, Rohidayah, Maha, Jack, Poon, Jaishree, Q, Iynas, Leen, Lynda, Kimber, Elicia, Nat, Rhun Kiet, Choon Wei, Wei Liang, etc.  

To end this post, I include these two pictures taken on Jia Huei's birthday party last year. I like the first one very much. Always makes me laugh, especially Sze Ching and Nat's expression. Those good old days =) Don't you wish all of us can turn back time and attend classes in INTEC/secondary & primary school again only for a day to meet all our friends and lecturers again? 

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Taiping on the World Map

A few weeks ago, the senior resident of my floor, Ronnie Phang asked those of my floor to state our hometown and what we like about it. Finally, he pasted a world map on the wall today, together with our descriptions.

At least people know the existence of Taiping now (if they care to read)

This is by far the funniest one =p