Monday, June 30, 2008


Heading off to Brisbane tmr! Can't wait to play =p

Friday, June 27, 2008


There're some which I really want to highlight =)

This cool bike which was placed right in my room..someone must've sneaked in during my debut karaoke session =p Yeay, I can go cycling again!!!
This present is shared by 30 ppl! See that piece of paper pasted on the bike? It is the list of those who shared =) Thanks heaps!!

Fiy, I currently do have a bike..but it's a women bike..accidentally bought the wrong version last year cause it came in a large box and I didn't bother looking at the's nice nonetheless...has purple flower paterns on it... bunga raya somemore..
Hehe..but now, I get to ride to on a male bike for change =p

Tada! A key-shaped card =) Never seen such thing in my 21 years of life! And also a scrapbook. Don't be fooled by its plain contains all the sweet sweet stuffs =)

Like this


and this

Jared obviously found two pictures in which we have a common pose with a common object in the background =p

For those involved in these, thank you so much =D
It has been marvelous despite the fact that I was fooled!

The First Surprise

I was told a white lie and I fell for it =(
Haha..but it was superbly planned so at least I don't feel so dumb now

Here's what happened:-

1. I was told by Tim and Sze Huey that my surprise bday party will be in Questacon, A Science Centre in Canberra. I thought it was cool you know... celebrating my 21st together with science gadgets for a change. Maybe I'll get some robots instead of clowns to entertain the crowd =p

" Shh... you don't tell Wei Min I told you..she really wants to surprise u..if u tell her, I die"


2. Later, Wei Min randomly asked, "Hey, what do you think of Questacon?"

"Er... there isn't anything much I can say...haven't been there myself" (I really haven't been there)

"Yeah..but do you like it there?"

"I really can't tell since I haven't seen it b4"

"Hm.....did Tim tell you anything about your bday celebration?"


3. She called her friends to discuss where to cater food from...I can't help but to eavesdrop..It seems that she wanted to order from Happy's, a Chinese Restaurant but cos of the halal issue, it changed to Wagamama (A Western Japanese Restaurant).

4. On the night before my bday, she rented a car to drive the whole lot of food to Questacon. By this time, she sort of knew that I found out where my surprise party is.. so she wasn't that afraid to be frank with me, "Hey, we're taking the food from Waga at 7.15pm...the party in Questacon starts at 7.30pm"

Later, she went on and claimed that quite a number of my friends were already there.

Understandably, when I entered Wagamama, I expect to see lots of FOOD..instead, what I saw was a huge crowd, singing happy bday =p

I was like, "Aren't they suppose to be in Questacon?" before I soon realised that Questacon was meant to be a joke!

1. Tim and Sze Huey were actually assigned to pretend as if they were leaking out info.
2. Wei Min pretended to randamly ask me about Questacon. To make it even more believable, Wei Min said, "Ur bday's gonna cost me a boom"..even the halal issue turned out to be a lie! It was Wagamama all the way from the beginning..No Happy's, No Questacon.. And the car wasn't for driving the food over! It was meant for me to enjoy a little bit of freedom =)

To add to my "You've got fooled" mood, I was told that Questacon has recently been shut down! I didn't know where to hide my face...

Anyway....all is good =p Had a great time during the dinner while stopping my brain from echoing, "I'm so dumb I'm so dumb I'm so dumb"

Look! Al key-shaped chocolate cake! =p

Went for karaoke after that =D It was so much fun!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You've Got Surprise!

Miss Ancient made this superb montage with 10 Surprises for my bday =)

Also known as Miss Particular, she started off by assigning these two cuties (Fala & Fulu) as the hosts of the tv-show-like video. (suddenly flashed back on Sesame Street)

The first few minutes of it was basically an introduction of the 'subject' (me) with a few embarrassing pictures of myself =p Then, this first surprise took place:-

First up! Tio Sher Reen with the bday banner...

Asma Hadi =) He was the one filming Sher Reen and...

Nadrah! Yani and Farah's voices are in the video too =)

2ns Surprise: Amanda all the way from UWA

Wyne and Sharon from Brisbane

From Wellington: Yi Chin with Wyne making her second appearance

3rd Surprise comes from Sydney: Sze Ching who was stuck for words =p

Audrey with a special appearance of an unknown =p

These two 'Michael-Jackson-to-be's..guess who they are!

Ah Wong..with 'arms open wide' =p
wonder how's his self-heated lunch box project going

Mr. Tan Yuhan

Wan Mit who dressed up for this shooting =)

Miss Ancient, this is Yong Yan (hope I got the spelling right) from Sunway..that's why she mentioned Arjun, Yong Jian, and Marcus

Sze Ching singing shyly =p with Wong adding a little bit at the end..haha

4th Surprise came all the way from Niigata, Japan!
Meet my secondary school classmate, Calvin Ong who asked me to quickly get married..
Can't help but to notice his funny expressions =p


5th Surprise comes from Msia: Yiau Hoong who looked super serious, even while singing the bday song =p His thick lips is really obvious here. (can imagine Sze Ching laughing)

Next, we head to Monash Clayton to see Kamal 'Ali Cat' Hadi. He'll be heading to Brisbane too this July so I'll be able to see him again!

Cheng Khoon with a short 3-phrase wish 'Yo', 'Happy Bday', 'Bye' =p

Calvin Woon who still looks the same =) still remember the times in INTEC when he used to spike his hair =D

Ling Sing and Zhi Han who treated me dinner while I was in Melbourne last year =)
Notice the cool bilingual subtitles in the last three pictures? All thanks to Mr. Ng Chau Wang!

Yuwan...who played the piano for the 'choir' (u'll know what I mean)

6th Surprise comes from choir groups: First up! The beauties and prince of Curtin Uni =p
From the top: Yie Min (Prince), Siaw Tze, Ling Weng, Hsiu Li, Yi Jia, Jia Huei, and Yee Fang.

Secondly, The Macquarie gang!
L-R: Chia Ling, Chean Yeaw, Selina Tay, Quanyie, Xin Yin, forgot the name, Victor & Yoong Wai
Some obvious changes: Xin Yin & Yoong Wai both grew long hair...but only one looks good with it

UNSW gang: Chong Wee, Wen Jun, and Yoke Heng
Can u see that someone is pointing his middle finger? =p

4th Choir group: The Monash gang! (plus a bit from Melbourne Uni: Zhi Han, Ling Sing and Curtin Uni: Siaw Tze)
Instructor: Shea Chuen
Pianist: Yuwan (see what I meant)
Singers: Cheng Khoon, Yeu Sheng, Calvin Woon, Chean Ying, Chau Wang, Nooi Hoay, Justina Teh, Jessica Tan, Zhi Han, Ling Sing, Siaw Tze, Ryan

Just realised that Siaw Tze made two appearance in two different places Wyne =p

They somehow got carried away!
Apparently, there's a second version of this put wasn't including in this montage cause it was too large.

7th Surprise: Ex-housemate, Nathaniel Alagan a/l Kovalan @ The Beast =p
He brought his past bday presents to Sydney! Tortoise on the left (a present from me) and the pink mobile phone holder (present from Sze Ching) on the right..

One more room-mate, Yee Hong and it'll be a complete Room 204...guess he must be busy..

Next up, my secondary school classmate who's about to graduate from Wollongong Uni, Kuok Hau... Can you tell what practical advice he's givin =p

The final surprise came back back home =) Miss Ancient made contact with my sis to record wishes from my family

Mum & Dad

4th Aunt, Cousin

Niece & Cousin

Cousin, Ken Yang

Cousin, Ee Von with her dad (4th Uncle)

What made it more memorable is the fact that I'm sharing the same bday cake with my nephew (left) and niece - 26th and 15th June respectively

Sis tempting me with FOOD...
"can see but cannot eat"

Last but not least, my sis herself wishing since she was busy recording previously...

Fuh..there you go! A 25-minute montage which led to a sudden rush of surprise to another..wondering who's in coming up next =p

To all who contributed to the production, I can't thank you all enough. It has been amazing..wish I can employ an angel and ask her to bless everyone of you with your very own video