Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just blew my mid-sem away

I miss the times when exams are approached with confidence...

Monday, April 28, 2008

How can we not respect him, right?

From, 27th April 2008:-

When in trouble who do you call? Datuk Michael Chong. Having been at the helm of the MCA public services and complaints department since 1987, he has helped countless people in need and in distress. The media-savvy Chong has also highlighted many memorable stories through the press and his job has not been without risks as Ah Long cases make up a significant portion of his cases. But the time has come for him to seriously plan his retirement and find a successor.

Small in size, big in appreciation: In this file picture, little Ching Yi Quan gives Chong a packet of Pangkor’s best ikan bilis during the latter’s surprise visit recently.

Q: Why do you think it is time to go?

A: I am pushing 60 this July and I have been heading the department for 21 years. Four years ago, when I reached retirement age, my boss, the chief administration director, asked me to stay on, at least to train a successor.

I was given an understanding that I could work as long as I wanted. I did try to find a successor but honestly I couldn’t find the right one for some reason or other.

It was either the person cannot do it full-time or he has an agenda. Agenda means you want this post so you can use this to promote your career, become an MP or assemblyman ... rather than to sincerely help the people.

I tried out two. I groomed them to see whether they could adapt to the job but I realised they had different agenda. For instance, they only wanted to come when there was a press conference and after that did not follow up the case.

I wanted to retire last year but thought maybe after the election. But now I face setbacks because many of my colleagues who were helping me out are also gone. Many of them with service centres, the MCA MPs, state assemblymen and district councillors, especially in Selangor, had to close them down.

Not because they don’t want to help but because they do not have the (people's) mandate anymore. They lost in the election. You can't blame them for closing because they have to make their living.

This is a big setback for me too because we work as a team. I have fewer people to help me now.

The only consolation for me is that there are still some ministers in the Cabinet to help me. Another is the media which is still strongly behind me. Above all, although I know the people voted against us, everywhere I go people shake my hand to say sorry and some told me not to get disheartened. They say they have nothing against me or my party.

Before, 50% of the voters tell me that they vote for the party and 50% say they vote for those who give service. Service is more important than the party, some went as far as to say. But look at what has happened? My very good friend like (former PJ Utara MP) Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun who worked so hard and nearly lost her life but she lost badly. The same goes for Datuk Liew Yuen Keong, the public services and complaints bureau deputy chief and Datuk Lee Hwa Beng (who lost in Kelana Jaya).

So does the public really appreciate our work? They need to know that we can only work efficiently if we have the teamwork of our party; this is my biggest setback after 21 years.

The last general election was a very, very sad event for me. I am disappointed. I don't understand why hard working MPs who helped the people were voted out because they were seen to have failed them badly.

But I am ready to offer my job to anyone who can take over with a sincere desire to work. I will seriously train him or her to take over.

Q: You have faced threats and danger in carrying out your job to help people in trouble.

A: They are nothing. The saddest moment in my life was when my colleagues lost and had to go.

Q: What do you count as your greatest achievement?

A: I have seen a lot of less fortunate people who have been helped. People who were supposed to die are living today. That is my happiness.

A lot of children who would have died without a heart operation, I helped them and they are now well, at least 200 of them. Some have grown up and gotten married. That makes me happy.

I am also proud that I inspired the setting up of similar departments in other Barisan component parties.

Q: What's next for you after retirement?

My wife Magdelene says that the time I spent helping the people is a blessing for her and the family. She knows how close I was to having an emotional breakdown when my colleagues lost (in the elections) and when some left me. She doesn't think I should leave now and has asked me to take a holiday to relieve my stress. When I retire, I will spend more time with her and my four children.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Picture Spree

27th April 2008(Sun)

It's not nice knowing that you've lived more than a year in Australia but realised you barely know anything about Australian culture.

Mixing with an Australian when you've got many Asian friends around you and mixing with many Australians with you being the only non-Australian is a totally totally different experience!

I went to Luke's bday party last Saturday in which I didn't know anyone else. Basically, it was a tough social 'game', mentally tiring. But I've learnt a lot about Australians thanks to this party =)

Met so types of ppl: smokers, ppl who skipped their meals so often cause they've got no cash, aspiring deejays, etc.

One of the most meaningful moment during the party: Luke's dad presenting his speech after his cousin gave one. Well, you don't see ppl giving speeches during b'day parties in Malaysia.

-Gold Coast pictures-

Harbour Town; shopping heaven for shopaholics who loves branded stuffs.

Something famliar =)

Malaysians have really made their presence felt in Gold Coast. These 3 restaurants are located not far from each other on the same street.

Anuar Zain has been here before. There's even a picture of him pasted on the glass door with his signature and writing, "Maharani, I love your food!"

An interesting feedback card back in the hotel

Now, this is a place worth going

It basically has a bit of everything. It has IMAX...

There're animal shows like tiger performances

I finally got a chance to milk the cow =p

You can see Spongebob and Patrick live!

You can see adults trying their best to look funny =D

Patrick giving high-fives. Wei Min and I were basically the only teenagers sitting in the crowd, consisting of either parents or their children =p

Inspired kids got their face painted after the tiger show

Interesting name, huh?

You get to ride on this =)

You get to see lazy kangaroos

You get to feed the kangaroos and actually walk beside them without those typical fences separating you from the animals =) Another dream come true!

Well, koala sleeps 19 hours a you can't really expect anything from them.


An uncommon white tiger standing on its two palms

This cousin of llama was trying real hard to get food

Another favourite children cartoon: Rugrats!

There was this Arts and Craft Market everyday Wednesday at the beach. Sells pretty unique stuffs.

Accurate notice =p

Cheap and tasty popcorns...Wish they have this in Canberra..They usually sell the expensive, non-caramel, and non-yummy ones in the movies..

Why not indulge yourself with seafood when you can get them in half price =)

Hm...I miss the oysters!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Chinese New Year

20th April 2008 (Sun)

I just found out that ANU kick-starts its 2009 academic calender on 23rd Feb. Even better, CNY 2009 falls on 26th January =) Haha..I can be at home all the way till Chap Goh Meh! Go 2009!!!

2009 January 26 Ox
2010 February 14 Tiger
2011 February 3 Rabbit
2012 January 23 Dragon
2013 February 10 Snake
2014 January 31 Horse
2015 February 19 Sheep
2016 February 8 Monkey
2017 January 28 Rooster
2018 February 16 Dog
2019 February 5 Pig

p.s. Too bad no flight promotions from any of the airlines least not as cheap as last year...and it doesn't depart from Sydney =(

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ginger Breadman in the City

Isn't this doll cute =p wonder who made it...

p.s I'll be off to Gold Coast at 2pm =) Coming back to Canberra on Sat

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Expo...again =)

5th April 2008 (Sat)

It was Ursies's turn to have its International Expo yesterday =)

Isn't it nice to see your friends putting up your costumes =)

Good crowd

A Japanese gal performing with her musical instrument

Look at Jared's expression =p
Feel free to fit in your own dialog..

A cute notice on one of the Bruce Hall entrance =p

This is fun =p

65 words

Speed test

Thursday, April 03, 2008

8TV Rocks!

3rd April 2008 (Thus)

It's really obvious that 8TV's run by youngsters with creative and trendy ideas. Ahmad Izham Omar's almost in his 40s but still is a relatively young CEO and most importantly, capable.


Look at how they smartly created a giant baby to be its mascot. I'm pretty sure 8tv's the only channel as far as I know, which has one. And this adorable baby seems to have a promising future ahead =) "Hey baby, where's ur electric guitar?" =p

Also, take note of the kinds of events 8tv holds, the type of show 8tv airs and sponsors, the wacky quickie hosts, and the nice advertisements with recent songs attached to them.

Thanks to 8tv, I was introduced to Chris Brown's With You and Orange's Ai Qing. Both songs of totally different tempo and genre, but good to hear.

And I was lucky enough last night to be able to finally get the full version of Ai Qing... from Chun Yuin, Sevvy, and my sis (name listed in order from the earlist to the last person to upload the song into their blog =p) Lyrics available in Sevvy's blog while 8tv's Valentine's Day Ad (which featured Ai Qing) in my sis's.

I guess if it weren't for this song, I would've lost touch with Sevvy and Chun Yuin for such a long time =) Oh let me introduce Qi Dai Ai (JJ & Jing Sha). But I'm pretty sure you all have heard of it..Sometimes, I wonder why these nice songs are so short..both Qi Dai Ai and Ai Qing don't have bridge...and their second verses are shorter than the first...

Anyway...better get back to my books..catch u guys later =)

Amanda's Poem

2nd April 2008 (Wed)

being ourselves is wrong
where does that leave us?

what right do people have to judge
when they don't even know
what it's like
to be in these shoes?"

(Amanda Chan 2008)

The second stanza depicts my thought so well... But then again, humans tend to judge...and more often than not, judgments are made within 10-15 seconds.

Isn't it a bit too soon, people?

Have you ever thought about how harmful negative thoughts can be? They're like badly-mixed water colour which covers the original layer of drawing underneath. Yes, the drawing itself might be bad.. so..bad drawing + badly-mixed water colour = good match... But what if the drawing is not that bad, what has water colour done to the art piece as a whole? If the ugly painting's too thick, viewers might not be able to even see the drawing...

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Life So Fragile…..

1st April 2008 (Tues)

Over the last 24 hours, I’ve been thinking a lot. I am suddenly afraid… afraid of how cruel fate can be at times.

No doubt all those thoughts are driven by 1 Litre of Tears I just finished, a Japanese Drama Series with such strong message….a message about the uncertainly of life..

This series slapped me on the face and made me aware of how harsh life can be…and how at times when everything seems black… there’s still something worth smiling for..

There couldn’t have been a more appropriate title for this drama… trust me, this drama brings out the softer side of everyone…It made me cry more than I ever did in the past few months.

On my way to class this morning, I’m suddenly thankful for being able to walk… I observed the clouds, buildings and people around me… doing their own things… How weird of me to do all these…

Humans pursue dreams. Along the way, they’ve have all been constantly reminded to also appreciate the seemingly less important aspects of life. But I guess it’s just too normal to ignore tasks we can perform so effortlessly like walking, talking, writing and reading.

What if life took a 180-degree turn and one by one, you lose all the aforementioned skills? Worst still, what if it’s beyond cure?

“Why me?” you might ask…just like what Aya did in the drama. Even her mum couldn’t answer it.

Aya in real life wrote about her struggle till she could no longer hold a pen... This diary which has the same title as the drama, was understandably written in first person.

"Reality is too cruel..
too brutal...
I don't even have the right to dream
As I think about the future..
the tears will come out again.."

This stanza instantly formed tears in my's just so sad and at the same time, real...

Diseases strike the younger generations at times. In Aya’s context, I believe she was chosen (despite being only 15) because of how strong she is…emotionally. God knows what an inspiration she would be to the ones who suffer from similar illnesses…for whatever happens, happens for a reason…

I think I'm probably the last person to watch this drama..