Sunday, April 29, 2007

Stealing is a Bad Karma

This notice was pasted at the laundry room in my residential hall. Really got me laughing =D

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Dreams are Hard to Catch

28th April 2007 (Sat)

I woke up quite early today. The joy from last night's dream could still be felt. It was beautiful. I knew I had a wonderful dream.

But I couldn't remember it. I wonder why do dreams go away so quickly. How I wish there's a dream recorder.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Free Papers...But Why?

22nd April 2007 (Sun)

Hi readers, I'm finally back in Canberra on Friday night after spending 13 days in Sydney. To blog about it in a single entry will be too long. I'll be spreading it out into a few entries. I'll start off with the last picture I took in Sydney.

I saw this gal distributing free newspapers to people and started to wonder why would a newspaper company print and distribute newspaper free of charge. It's not only about the printing cost but also the workers'(the writers & distributors) wages.

"Well, they do get advertisements for this newspaper and I guess that's how they get their fundings from," the gal explained, with an Indian accent.

Still, is it enough to cover all the cost?

Funny Boards

We were in Manly Beach when we discovered some funny signboards in a souvenir shop.

This is the one the gals liked. Enjoy!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Of to A Good Start

9th April 2007 (Mon)

It's now 12.50am and I'm currently in Sze Ching's room, updating my blog while he's soundly asleep. It's not so nice to upload too many pictures now cause his internet is not free even though it is relatively cheap (2 cents per mb). Still, he is generous to say, "It's ok. You can do whatever you want." Terima kasih banyak-banyak!

Sydney trip so far has been good.

Day 1
-Reached Sydney at 9.15pm (3 hours 15minutes bus ride)
-There's actually a toilet in the bus.
-They also make announcements like when we board the plane, "Welcome to Murrays. To ensure your safety, please tighten your seatbelt..."
-I slept almost the entire journey.
-Met Uncle Tommy(Sze Huey's uncle) and Uncle David(Uncle Tommy's friend) for the first time.
- Went for a 25-minute ride around Sydney to see how happening it is at night.
- Had supper in Uncle Tommy's place. Aunty Agnes (Uncle Tommy's wife) cooked Bak Kut Teh, Karipuff, Spring Roll, Fish Curry, Duck, Rendang, and mussel(dunno the spelling) especially for us. That was no doubt, the best supper I've had in Australia!
-Watched Wah Lai Toi for the first time (Uncle Tommy subscribes to Astro kinda thing here)
-Slept in the living room.

Day 2
-Went to University of Sydney (USYD) for the first time for the Sports Carnival. Participants are from University of Macquarie, UNSW, USYD, and University Technology of Sydney(UTS).
-Chean Yeaw, Yoong Wai, and Quanyie represented Macquarie for volleyball. Nice =D I'm sure you all are eager to see their picture on the court. Here it is:-

Try spotting all three of them =)

-They lost but the most important thing is it was fun watching them play. I lost a bit of my voice while cheering though. Also met Yu Han, Wan Mit, Chia Ling, Selina, Audrey, Kuan Yuen, and Merlin.

Look..UQ and Melbourne Uni Friends were here as well. And I'm quite sure that Amir was taking picture of the person who was taking this picture.

-Took some pictures in front of USYD too.

The one at the bottom left if Kuok Hau, my secondary schoolmate, currently studying in Wollongong. Super happy to meet him. He got along well with my INTEC friends. Oh ya, USYD looks like Hogwards, isn't it?

Joke of the Day:
Shuey: Does the principal here looks like Dumbledore?
Sze Ching: Yes, it's just that he's fatter.

Thanks for reading =D

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sydney, wa ai lai liao (I'm Coming)

I'll be heading to Sydney. Will be there from 7th-20th April. I screwed up the online ticket purchasing process but hope that won't affect the trip.

Oh, I'll be going with Sze Huey and Sher Reen. Will visit Quanyie's, Yee Hong's, Wan Mit's, and Sze Ching's place. Wen Jun mms-ed me the pictures of his superb house. (Wen Jun, Chong Wee, Yee Hong, and Yoke Heng are housemates). Can't wait to see it myself. So Yee Hong, take note ya. I'll most probably visit you between 8-9th April.

Gosh, it's gonna be fun. So many people are heading to Sydney this Easter break that it's gonna be Sarawak Trip Part II.

This picture suddenly appeared in my screen saver (my screen savers are all pictures) and I suddenly thought of an interesting caption for it.

And these two are my favourite pictures. Make me laugh. Just feel like including them in this entry =p

Thanks for reading =)

Yee Hong & Shamini's Tag

  1. I’m addicted to Minesweeper(play it every single day) instead of Dotta/CS.
  2. I haven’t really emptied my luggage even though I’ve been here for 2 months.
  3. When I was small, I used to tell my mum that I can bring back a video tape from my dream even though she tried to convince me it was impossible. Dreams were so real back then that I couldn’t differentiate it with the real world. It was only after countless tries of taking the video tape from my dream to reality that I realized how wrong I was.
  4. I always visualize myself being Son Goku (place both my hands around my waist, transform into Super Saiya, doing Ka Me Ha Me Ha_
  5. I have the feeling of De Javu occasionally.
  6. I talk to myself especially to improve my English.
  7. Sometimes, on the verge of falling asleep, I feel like being pushed down by a force and can’t reach up again. Try to scream but there’s just no voice. If I don’t fight back, I’ll go deeper and deeper. It is only when I focus and use my mind to do so that I’ll be awake again. It doesn’t happen that often anymore but it’s scary. It’s as if there’s someone pushing you down beyond your bed. A few weeks ago, I had this discussion with my hall-mates and realized that I’m not the only one who experienced this.

Nooi Hoay's Tag

6th April 2007 (Fri)

Hi Nooi Hoay, I didn't answer all the questions. I just scanned through the questions and selected some of the interesting questions. Sorry.

How do you view me (Nooi Hoay)?
Complicated and nice.

What do you think of me(Nooi Hoay) now?
Your face smiling with your specs on.

If you could turn back time, which day would you choose to return to?
The time when the Egyptians were building pyramids.

Would you choose to travel to the past or future?
Of course. I wouldn’t wanna change a thing though. I would just stand there and see.

Do you prefer being a pretty gal (guy) or a brilliant gal (guy)? Why?

How did we first meet? Please describe.
Can’t remember when we first met. But according to you, you first saw me in Akasia bus stop with my badminton racket and thought I was a Malay =p

Do you think your attraction to the opposite sex is strong?

What will you do if you have AUD 10?
Buy calamari =D

Are you willing to go far away from home in search of happiness?

How much different are you when you are in public compared to when being alone?
Less happy.

Do you think there are more good or bad people in this world? How should it be like?
More good. But their presence are not usually felt as they are not as widely publicized as the bad people.

What did you feel when you found out you are being tagged?
Privileged but lazy to anwer.

What would you want to be if you can transform yourself into anything?
Super Saiya

What animal would you like to be?
I’ve always wanted to be an ant =) If I wanna travel for free, I can just crawl into somebody’s bag and off I go =p

If you and your current date meets an ex, what will you do?
Act cool

Will you feel bored being with the same person all the time?

What do you do when you are bored?

What is the best place for you to day-dream?
A windy place with nice scenery and people having fun. Watching them makes me happy.

What special power do you want? Why?
Goku’s. I’ve always wanted to do Ka Me Ha Me Ha

Given a chance to go on a tour anywhere around the world, where would your destination be?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

International Expo

22nd March 2007 (Thus)

This was the event, everyone. Every country was supposed to open a booth to portray their respective countries. Almost all the booths have food. Malaysians cooked bubur cha-cha, pisang goreng, and onde-onde.

Jay Shen scooping the onde-onde. The other pot beside it was bubur cha-cha.

Chicken Curry by the Singaporeans

Fried Mihun by the Singaporeans and the Pisang Goreng by the Malaysians
Foreigners: Fried banana? Cool....
The best thing was many of them found it nice and came back for a second helping.

Bubur Cha-cha from the Malaysians

I helped goreng pisang =)

Apart from food, a few countries had performances. As you all might have guessed by now, the Malaysians did a fashion show which depicts the traditional costumes of different races.

Honeysha in her Punjabi dress

Kai Xun (Batik...Dad, it's your batik =D) & Charis Teh (Kebaya)

Leonard Wong (Baju Melayu..Yee Hong, this is the birthday present you gave me last year) & Yoke Kei (Baju Kurung)

Me in Samfu & Xiu Qi in Cheongsam

The Models =p

Got my face painted by Zhong in the Chinese Booth

Don't think my mum can recognised me after the painting =p They said I looked like an ape =(

Malaysian Booth (before my face was painted)

New Zealand and Japanese Booth

Write your name in Mandarin =D

With fellow Malaysians

With Koreans and some Malaysians

Canadian Booth

Hong Kong Booth

Our Neighbours

Chopstick competition. The one who picked the most M&N into the empty plate wins. Gan, the Japanese guy won.

Tim finished our onde-onde =D

The satisfaction gained when looking at the people enjoying the food that we cooked was great. Felt like it was worth our effort. The seniors said this year's International Expo wasn't as fun as last year's. Well, at least I had fun and done somethings that I've never done before (fried banana, face painting, modeling, etc..) Hope next year's will be even better =D

Thanks for reading!!
(That's not me. It's Zhong)