Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Dawn of A New Era

29th Sept 2007

Note: Title was extracted from the Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Series (first episode I think)

Malaysian Students' Organisation (MSO) held its AGM and after all the anxiety, magic, laughter, sweat, battle, rejection, etc.... a new committee was formed.

New Mso Committee
L-R: Jared, Izuddin, Theng Shan, Arjun, Winnie, June, Melissa
Bottom: Sher Reen, Afiq, Wei Ling
Missing from picture: Maha

Previous One
Boys (L-R): Eugene, Chi Yao, Veng Hoong, Alex, Barney, Felix, Seng Beng, Firdaus, Net
Gals: Hana Mai, Hazel, Hanah Jon, Elizabeth

First Task: Dessert Night...sweet =D

Friday, September 14, 2007

Friends in Melbourne

Primary and secondary school friend, Jeremy at the far right

Intec Friends: Rhun Kiet, Amir

AUSMATians in Monash: Ryan, Nooi Hoay, Wen Ter, Gouri

Standing: Calvin, Cheng Khoon
Sitting: Chean Ying, Nooi Hoay

Had dinner together in Deakin Hall =)
Jessica, Nooi Hoay, Cheng Khoon, Ze Peng (Ah Niao), Chau Wang

Yee Jia (I've forgotten the speeling...sorry Nooi Hoay), Yu Wan, Chau Wang

Chean Ying, Yuwan

Justina, Shea Chuen

Yeu Sheng, Nooi Hoay

Ryan, Jessica

Gals' group pictures

Cheng Khoon

Surprise visit to Kamal's place

Had dinner in Papa Gino, Lygon Street with Zhi Han, Ling Sing, and Daphne

It has been really rewarding catching up with Intec friends and family in Melbourne.
My sincere thanks to (gosh, this's gonna be long):
- Uncle,Aunt, and Ken Jin for showing me around and treating me.
- Qin Yao, Ken Jin's housemate for tolerating my cough and offered me his Intro to Actuarial Studies textbook to read when I woke up at 1plus am and couldn't get back to sleep because of my stupid cough.
- Jeremy for going straight to my cousin's unit to meet me and having dinner at the Indian Restaurant
- Rhun Kiet and Amir for treating me in Brunetti.
- Nooi Hoay for taking me around the residential halls, gossiping and booking the badminton court for that fun game session.
- Yeu Sheng, Yuwan, Jessica, and ones who cooked that night. Always nice to have a home-cooked food
- Chau Wang and Nooi Hoay for taking me for a short night tour in Monash Uni
- Kamal for spending some time with Chau Wang, Nooi Hoay and myself even though you've got an exam the next day. (Hope it went well for u)
- Daphne, Ling Sing, and Zhi Han for the meal in Papa Gino. Nice catching up with you all!

There were also friends who I met randomly in Melbourne
- Joanne Tan in front of Wilson Hall, Melbourne Uni
- Ling Sing and Mastura in the lift
- Taufik along Elgin Street I think.
- Afiq Shazwan, twice in the tram.
- Alex Chieng (from ANU) in Union House, Melbourne Uni

Yeah...Melbourne trip has been fulfilling indeed although I now have to race against time to prepare for 2 papers this coming Thus..Haha..

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Family in Melbourne

13th September 2007 (Thus)

Note: This entry is specially for mum and sis.

Meet one-year-old Brandon
And three-year-old Joshua
Might not be a good way of greeting readers (with their back facing the camera =p )
So there you go, the front view of both Brandon and Joshua. Adorable, aren't they? I mean they agitate you, yes...

for instance, by running so fast that you can't even take a clear shot with him =p

but they are so cute that you can't be mad at them for long.

Cousin, Vee Ming feeding Joshua and his wife, Caroline.

Haha..spotted this two lovely gift from Joshua to my aunt and uncle. aunt and uncle. The one on my left is my other cousin, Ken Jin (who some of you might know/met before) currently in Melbourne Uni.
Coming up: Friends in Melbourne!