Wednesday, October 14, 2009


An email which I thought would be a generic chain mail turned out to be a sweet message from my dad. He reminded me of the saying I painted on the wall of my room. I suddenly felt as if there was a force field, shielding me from the noisy metropolitan, slowing down the world a little bit. It gave me a well-needed kit-kat break. I closed my eyes and pictured my blue cozy room. Then, reality honked at me. I was back in a noisy city with cars everywhere and people rushing to get to work.

Uni has been crazy lately. With all the assessments happening coincidentally at the same time, this week can easily be the most challenging one, academically, out of my 2.75 years here. Felt like I couldn’t catch a break (Hofstadter 2009). I’m surprised a sleep-deprived me has yet to form that two very dark rings though I have been spotted dozing off in classes.

My sincere gratitude to all who prayed for my aunt. It’s very sweet of you all to include her in your prayers. In his email, my dad said she is well recuperating everyday despite not relying on medication. Prayers and natural goodness from mother nature ie fruits, water, wheat have done her good. Here’s to an ongoing recovery to my aunt and a smooth-sailing assessment period to all students.



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