Sunday, September 06, 2009

First Magpie Attack

Bought McD breakfast this morning and a magpie approached me (near Packard), gently showing some interests on my mcmuffin and hash browns.

"Nope, nope, this is not for you," I said.

Half an hour later, on the way to sports hall, there was this magpie which flew just right above my head. (I have yet to freak out). Then it stopped and stared at me as if I'm its long-time enemy. And CHARGE towards me!

"Gosh, is this for real? Is there food on my hair?" I've never felt this panicked, not in ANU.

This time, its left wing actually hit my head. I shouted and started using my badminton bag to cover my poor head. It stared at me again before it started charging. I can hear it making contact with my badminton bag.

"Should I run? Should I run?"

I didn't...Thank God after charging for a couple of times, it left me alone.

I actually couldn't think of any good reason for the attack until Wei Min said, "Hey, could it be the same magpie you refuse to give your McD to?"Well, that makes sense but if that's actually true, then crows are so revengeful! (and it proves that they can remember faces very well)


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