Thursday, November 29, 2007


We, humans sometimes have no idea on how much we've achieved in our lives until we actually list them out =)

I just read Kennysia's blog and bumped into a list of what he has done at the age of 24..

It's just so inspiring to go through it, find out how much he has achieved and learnt how he avoided having a wasted year.

Perhaps, we should start listing too =p

Achievements need not be those listed in our certs. They can simply be something personal, something you've done which touches others or means a lot to you.

So, have you spend your time, today? =p

Sydney..for the 3rd time

Met up with Sze Ching, Audrey, Wan Mit and Ah Wong ( smilez =D )

Met this two cute brothers from Germany while in Manly. So adorable!

Most interesting one, saw this two kids playing under their mum while shopping in Broadway Shopping Centre =p

I've sent quite a lot of friends off. Made me homesick and lonely. Gosh...can't wait to fly home..

Monday, November 12, 2007

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

11th Nov 2007 (Sun)

This Xmas decoration in Big W reminded me of the Xmas joy I feel every year; wake up in the morning, eager to open my presents and watch Xmas cartoons which always turn children's dreams into reality. And the fantastic thing is.... it's here again soon!!!

I miss home!!! Can't wait to reunite with my family again!

While having lunch in Kingston Market yesterday, I spotted this boy wearing a green-white t-shirt which reminded me of the one that Yee Hong wears back in INTEC, right Sze Ching? =p

Sunday, November 11, 2007

When Numbers Are Just Not That Attractive Anymore

10th Nov 2007 (Sat)

Just finished my last paper today - STATS

I remember how I always use, "because I like math" as an answer whenever I was asked the reason I chose Actuarial.

But the math in Uni is just different... and STATS has so far been living up to its "expectations".

So....continue trying to conquer it next year? or choose a different path?