Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Catchy Sights

While in Singapore, I couldn't help but to notice these:-

People sleeping on the stairs in Raffle City.

I certainly applaud this move.

Now this is not the first time I've seen this but haven't really figured out the logic behind it. Why don't they just state "16th-22nd Jan, 10.00-10.30"

Sunday, January 25, 2009

What have you got to say now?

Since Dec 27th, Israel defended their move (attacks on defend-less Palestine), saying that they were merely targeting the Hamas. Women and children who were killed, were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Today in The Star (24th January), I read an article by Shahanaaz Habib (The Star's Reporter in Gaza) that was really difficult to digest. Below is the summary:-

"It was past noon on Jan 7 when Khaled noticed three Israel tanks in front of his house. One of the soldiers, who spoke Arabic, told the family to get out. Holding a white flag, Khaled stepped outside with his mother, wife and their three daugthers - Amal (2), Samar (4), and Soad (7).

At that time, 2 soldiers were outside the tank eating chocolates and chips. Khaled and his family stood outside after they were ordered to empty the house. Then, another soldier came out of his tank and started to shoot the children.

He started with the youngest, Amal before shooting Samar in the stomach, and then Soad. Khaled's wife was so shocked that she fainted. Later, even his mother wasn't spared; shot three times in the arm.

Khaled's asked help from the ambulance but the soldiers crushed the ambulance with a tank. A few hundred metres away, they saw a donkey cart. Its owner came down and offered help but a soldier shot both the donkey and its owner. They then had to walk 2.5km before they managed to find a taxi that brought them to the hospital.

Khaled's mother is now recovering, his wife is still mentally traumatised, Samar is totally paralysed, while the other two daughters did not make it."

Sometimes, I can't help but to wonder how do the Israel politicians face the press. How do they even face other human being? The same goes to the soldier to killed Khaled's family, crushed the ambulance, and shot the donkey and its owner. Such bad karma.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Newpaper Letters

Newspaper letters are always interesting to read since it's one of the sections in which readers get to express their views in a level of English that's easier to be understood.

This sms is hilarious! I have to agree that banning concerts is a very conservative move by PAS. It's as if our youngsters are that easily influenced and doesn't have a mind of their own. And if boycotting US's goods and services is the reason, this move will never ever solve the current Gaza crisis.

This's not a reader's letter but I simply wanna highlight it because that's my primary at the background =)

3 days ago, Wei Liang made his voice heard when his Proton article was published. I'm sure this is not his first article on paper, isn't it Wei Liang? =p

Five years back, I was quite enthusiastic about seeing my name on papers so I tried and succeeded twice. The editors usually reduce the length of your letter by half and change the title of our article. Well, it's understandable.

Friday, January 16, 2009

English is Not A Religion!

Most of the points contributed by Singapore's The Straits Times on 14th Jan 2009:-

Till today, there're still Malaysians who think, "Buat apa kita nak cakap bahasa orang lain?"
They see English as part of a Western Culture or more well known as Budaya Kuning.

This is bad. 35% of Malaysian teachers can hardly speak English. The truth is it is high time Malaysians see the mastery of English as a productivity issue, not religious, political or whatsoever. Most of the country's 50,000 jobless graduates can barely sustain a two-minute conversation in English. How shameful!

Malaysia, Truly Asia. We've heard it countless times. According to The Star, Malaysia has the largest Chinese population outside China and Indian population outside India. Also, Malaysia has an ideal Islamic lifestyle outside Middle-East. It is no wonder that Malaysia is "Truly Asia".
But how are we going forward when development is held back by conservative mindsets. Politicians who have studied overseas and are currently serving the country are supposed to inculcate openmind-ness into our country. Till today however, we see little effects. Did they really try? Only God knows.

One wonders how much more time will be squandered revisiting pointless linguistic arguments before Malaysia realises that the country cannot embrace globalisation unless the people at least partially master English.

ps: I dreamt of Yee Hong last night. Wonder how's his busking life going....

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


In 1987, I was born.

Judging from the pictures, I was playful,

not photogenic (my sis is)

and heavily influenced by superheroes and anime.
(I was opening my shirt, transforming into Superman)

A recent trip to my school made me thankful than I previously was about my upbringing and path in file. My teacher confessed that students are now harder to control than ever before. Normally, out of 6 classes, the first two consist of good students while the third and fourth can still be saved, if you know what I mean.

Today however, even the second class starts giving headache.

"What is going to happen to our future leaders?"
"Our school's performance and discipline are going down...slowly but surely."

Those were exact words from Pn Zura and Mr Oon respectively. Apparently, this phenomenon is occuring throughout the whole country. A random thought hit me: are they to be blamed entirely? At their ages, it's so easy to ignore the importance of education. But then again, how else are they going to spend 6-7 hours of their day? When I pray, I wish for a one-year exchange programme between a say 13-year-old and his 21-year-old self. That way, perhaps they will know how much difference a strong foundation of knowledge can make.

Also, I recently found out that three of my friends tied the knot with another two on the way. How scary...being tied down at such young age with no steady job, income, still so much to achieve before bachelorhood closes its chapter.

In the environment I was brought up in, I've experienced a normal childhood in a small town. With both my parents being teachers, I was raised with strong values. Everything seems right but still, there's so much to be thankful for: a healthy circle of friends and family, scholarship, achievements, life path, etc.

I could've been a smoker, furniture seller, a full time worker in Genting Highland Casino. I could've studied Form 6, pursued Engineering in UTM or Mass Com in Taylors. The principle of Butterfly Effect suggests that a minor change in specific turning points of our life can potentially carve different endings. Upon graduating from secondary school, our common highway branches out to countless exits. Some dark, some bushy, some crowded, some...less taken. I'm glad mine led me to ANU. It all boils down to the choices we made in life I guess.

I may not be the smartest but hey, that's not the end of the road. As long as I can be there for my family, friends, and help develop a country that has so much potential with as much birokrasi, my life has found its meaning. Couldn't have expressed that in a more cliche manner.

In a nutshell, growing up in Taiping made me appreciate the development I came across in INTEC and ANU.

Growing up with a closely-knit family rewarded me with fond memories I will forever cherish & inherited me with family values.

Growing up with so many types of friends made my realised how cruel but most of the time, how amazing the world is.

I never wish to be brought up any other way.

Monday, January 05, 2009

America's Talent maybe?

Can anymore make sense (grammatically) out of "America's Got Talent"?

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Roadtrip to Taiping

Jared, driving his Avanza

Jia Yun, Jason, Chia Yuen, Daryl, and Xiu Qi embarked on a one-week roadtrip from Segamat to Penang via Melaka, KL, Ipoh and Taiping.

I brought all of them went boat-paddling.

Besides Jared, I think this duck-paddling experience is the first for all of them.

Good thing they all enjoyed the short ride and sweated profusely =p



Chicken Rice (one of the Top 10 Chicken Rice in Malaysia)
They tried all the above..

And best of all, they even got to experience the heavy rain Taiping is super famous for. Poor umbrella!

That was it! After a few hours in Taiping, they headed to Penang and ushered the New Year there. Hope you guys enjoyed Taiping!


I read about
- Xmas revellers creating chaos in Gurney Drive
- a 60-year-old ignoring the importance of catering for the disabled (who knows she herself might need the facilitites one day)
- Unslightly party ground upon each celebration. Penang City Council initially gave up cleaning Gurney Drive, knowing that no matter how many times they clean, people will start throwing rubbish in no time. This New Year though, The City Council pulled up their socks and did a wonderful job cleaning the New Year mess. But the root of the problem is still the people.
- people unaware of the environment destruction.

Grow up for goodness sake! Why not make this your New Year resolution instead, huh! It's so sickening reading about all these attitudes on papers when we have better things to worry about.

Oh, Happy New Year btw.