Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Just before going to class, I secluded myself from the world for a few seconds. I stood still at the side of union court at 1pm on a sunny day with a little breeze, just looking at people doing what they do and listening to the sound of non-stop chatting. It's relaxing =)

These lockers may have been here for long but I've never noticed them till a couple of days ago. Out of curiosity I asked ANU Union about the rental rates: $30 per 6 months, $50 per year.

A guy wearing an Adidas with a cool short-essay. I was pretty much staring at this throughout the class.

Bruce Hall's never-ending supply of hilarious advertisements!

My favourite tofu & soymilk brand, doing delivery today at Kinloch.

The chopped tree trunk I saw on the way to Calvary Hospital. Can't help but to be reminded of Eugene's photograph.

With friends from Macquarie Uni who came down for a four-day Global Leadership Programme


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